Joseph Pilates is the creator and inventor of the Pilates Method… Born in Germany in 1880; he died in New York in 1967. He developed a fitness regime bearing his name, and successfully used it to overcome his disabilities as a frail and sickly child. Pilates devised a series of controlled movements that engage the mind and body in developing strong, flexible muscles, without building bulk. Emphasis was placed on developing deep torso strength and flexibility ­ known as “centering” to ensure proper posture and reduced risk of injury.

The Pilates method places a lot of emphasis on correct posture and technique, and doesn’t rely upon high numbers of repetitive exercises. Working the outer muscles via the core stimulates a more “organic” and natural way of moving that is powerful and sustainable for maximum health at any age or condition! The pilates method of exercise has been very popular with dancers since the 1940s but it is now becoming much better known. Today his followers include dancers, athletes, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, health care providers and other professionals who appreciate the significant role exercise plays in restoring and maintaining good health.