Katja Winzeler

I have enjoyed teaching dance for more than 30 years. I received my University Degree- Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College in Chicago as dance instructor, choreographer and production. I have spent years teaching, performing, advising and choreographing as well as working in the fitness industry. My teaching has taken me around the world sharing knowledge in India, creating choreographies in Brazil, teaching all over Europe and the UK, acting as touring Director for Studio 100 and now I am pleased to settle down in the perfect little spot in Gouda.

My fascination for all forms of movement has lead me to partake in lots of different sports, dance forms and even martial arts to confirm my ideas about good ergonomic movement. Working in these different genres has given me insight and expertiese in anatomy and movement. I am a Fully Certified Pilates Instructor with more than 1,000 hours training for my title as well as having a Degree in Sportsmassage which also included exams about anatomy and physiology. My life long passion and curiosity of the human body (and mind) has become my work and I wish to be able to help people to move optimally and painfree. The body has amazing capabilities to heal and become strong-with the right tools and guidance you too can benefit, living a long and healthy life- doing everything you wish to do or accomplish. Put your health in experienced hands.

We eat better, we work better, we ‘leisure’ better, so why not train better ?


My classes are eclectic, educational and energizing…and maybe a little unconventional, like me. I take Pilates seriously, but myself not so!!